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As most REALTORS know, new construction transactions can be somewhat trying at times.

It is our goal to make yours and your clients experience with Universal Builders, the best we can.

As most Builders in do, we do require the use of a Builders Contract. Please contact us and we will send you a complete Builder's Contract Packet for the neighborhood you are interested in.

Below are a few things we feel as important items to address. These items are in conjunction to all of the terms set forth in the contract documents.

  1. Showing Properties
    1. We do require that appointments be scheduled for all showings, as you would do for an existing home. This is required so we can make sure that our on-site agent is aware of your visit so they can either be there to answer any questions or leave a subdivision packet for you and your clients.
    2. We do ask that you accompany your clients when showing our homes. We appreciate the same courtesies as shown when showing existing homes.
    3. In the event your client visits the property without you, please have them list your information during the registration process.
    4. Please advise your clients of the potential dangers when looking at new construction & ask them to show caution when they visit (i.e. nails, unfinished walkways, or other building debris).

  2. Offer Process
    1. Our on-site agent is available to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding the Builder Contract Packet or any other questions that you or your clients may have.
    2. Our on-site agent can also be present when you write you offer to answer any last minute questions or concerns, however, this is only done at your request or approval. It is not our intention to intrude upon your and your clients relationship.
    3. We do require earnest money with the offer, in order for it to be presented.
    4. Your offer will be presented to the builder within 2 business day after receipt.
    5. Once the Builder has had an opportunity to review the offer, we will contact you immediately.

  3. Contract Process...
    1. Acceptance
      Once the offer is accepted, you, your client, and their lender will all receive an email containing all of the final contract documents.
    2. Copies
      From offers, contracts, selections to change orders, we will makes sure that you and your clients receive copies of all documents via email and actual hard copies at the time of closing.

  4. Building & Completion Process
    1. Selections & Changes
      Buyers will meet with the onsite agent or our designated selection assistant to make their selections. All selections must be accompanied with the buyer's signature. No selections accepted verbally.
    2. Construction Meetings & Walk Throughs
      Construction meetings will occur as needed and will be coordinated with you and your client. Walk throughs will be completed as the house reaches certain stages and will also be coordinated with you and your client. We do understand that you will not always be able to be present when your client visits the property, but we do require you be present during any visits when the buyer is having to sign any documents.
    3. Inspections
      We do encourage all Buyer's to complete a home inspection. However, we do require two weeks notice of your inspection date.
      1. When it is time for the appraisal, we require that the appointment be set with our onsite agent so we can make sure of the exact stage of the house prior to the appraiser visiting the property. The builder is not responsible for any re-inspection fees that occur.
      2. A use and occupancy letter will be provided at the time of closing.
      3. A copy of the soil treatment letter will be provided at the time of closing.

  5. Closing
    1. Closing Date
      Please know that the closing date is target date and is subject to change.
    2. Closing Statement
      The builders must approve all closing statements prior to closing
    3. Closing package
      The closing package provided by the builder will only be prepared once the final walk through has been completed and the buyer has signed all required documents stating that the house is found 100% acceptable
    4. Closing Location
      Closing is to take place at the Mt. Juliet Crye-Leike office unless noted otherwise in the contract
    5. Closing Attorney
      Rochelle, McCullough and Aulds, PLLC is the selected closing company for the seller. In the event the buyer selects a different closing company, we request that you provide this information to us as early as possible, se we can avoid any delays that can occur when doing a split closing.
    6. Property Possession
      Possession of the property will be given to the buyer, via their keys and garage door openers, only after their buyer's funds are fully transferred and the seller's side has received all of their proceeds.